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Sketch to Shelf is a Community of Makers and Designers

Who Make A Living Doing What They Love.

Making money by making things is a common goal of Creative Entrepreneurs, but the path to success isn’t easy.

We often struggle with how to turn our creative projects into profitable businesses. We want
to make the things we love and live how we want, so we can take control of our time and finances.

Sketch to Shelf is a community for Creative Entrepreneurs, and a resource for building
your business so you can lead a happy life making great things.

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di wire cnc bender

Make Your Own Bent Wire Products With the Pensa CNC Bender

Bent wire products are everywhere, from the shower caddy in your bathroom, to mid century modern furniture.  Wire is inexpensive and easy to manipulate, and can create 3D forms quickly.  And for anyone that has taken a basic 3D class in school, line and plane should be very familiar.  Wire can be the line, and […]

industrial designer sketching on tablet

How to Hire a Product Designer

Finding a the right product designer to help you with your concepts will accelerate your company’s growth, but could make or break your brand. A product is not always only about the looks. The materials, manufacturing, human factors, and more go into a successful product. So, when reviewing prospective product designers, you should not judge […]

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Who I Am.

I’m Jed Crystal, and I’m an industrial designer and an entrepreneur.


What I Do.

I’ve designed products for garage startups to international brands, and have helped each grow their business by designing and developing unique products.

Over 8 years ago I launched, and am still supplying cute cats with comfy beds around the world.

Today I am in full control of my time, make a livable salary, and most importantly am having fun making great stuff.

"Why then, make this Sketch to Shelf site? Simply, Sketch to Shelf is the creative business resource I wish I had."

What's Your Problem?

Are you an Artist, Writer, Musician, or Maker of creative things? Would you like to leave the day job and focus on building your own business doing what you love? Me too, and I’ve done it. And now I want to help people like you do it too.

How Can I Help You?

What's holding you back from starting a creative business, or growing your existing company? What problems are you having?

Let’s talk! I’d like to hear about what you’re working on and how I might help you solve your biggest problem.

Free 15 minute call. No strings attached, no pitch, no upsells.

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How to Start a Product Business

Have you always wished for a checklist, or a guidebook that could just give you the steps to take to build to a six figure business as fast as possible?

Check out our starter guide for bringing your product ideas to life!

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